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To Making Money Online For Just $1

AND, that's the bad news!

Now For The Good News...

In exchange for this minuscule investment I’m going to give you the greatest gift I could ever give any business owner or marketing professional.

It’s the blueprint for my ACTUAL online business… A literal step by step guide to the core system I use to spark growth in ANY market, that can be replicated (step-by-step) by anybody serious about increasing the amount of money they're currently making!

And i’m going to let you have it…

ALL OF IT. Plus a whole lot more...

For just $1!

I’ll tell you why i'm doing this in a bit, but first, I have a question for you…

... Are You Leaving It To Fate?

“Winging it?”

Improvising as you go and running “hope and pray” marketing campaigns?

Or, do you have a clear-cut plan to grow your business?

If you are “winging it,” don’t feel bad… You’re not alone. For the best part of my online career, that’s what I did too.

And for a while, it worked...

... In the early days, when my business was small and simple, “winging it” got the job done. But as it grew and I moved into more and more markets, “winging it” just didn’t cut it anymore.

Why Am I Telling You This?

Let's just say I know how it feels to be broke!

My names Rav (the guy in the picture) and when I first started online, I had no income to stay a float, no savings to keep me going, I was head over heels in debt and honestly... I had no idea how to make money online!

Forward through time 18 months, I’m now a successful internet entrepreneur who’s helped thousands of people, from all walks of life make money online, regardless of their age, financial position or business experience.

So how did I do it?

Well I want to show you how, right here on this page... And, I promise if you read this entire post (which won't be up for long), I guarantee I'll show you more than how I did it…

... I"m Going To Give You The EXACT Formula I Use Every Single Day

That's helped create myself and more importantly my clients, students and subscribers a scalable revenue stream using nothing more than 4 simple steps!

You ready to get started? Cool...

Here we go!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been beating your head against the wall for a long time now, trying to crack the code to creating a consistent income online...

A revenue stream that pays you every single day and can be grown to your heart's content.

You probably already know that the most important area of focus for any type of business (both online and offline) is to generate customer leads on a constant basis.

After all, If no one is buying your products or services, you don’t make any money!

It’s really that simple.

Yet This Is The Reason 99% Of People FAIL!

People struggle to generate new leads. Then struggle even more to convert those (usually crappy) leads into buyers.

Answer this. Do you know:

  • How to get targeted leads in to your business?
  • How to convert those leads into buyers?
  • How to make those buyers buy from you over and over again?
  • And then, how to automate the entire process so you can make money around the clock?

If you answered "no" then don't sweat. Today I'm going to help you succeed once and for all with three words that together form the most powerful asset any business can have…

... But I need your undivided attention!

You ready?

The secret to generating leads and buyers for free (or better yet, at a profit) comes down to running one specific type of funnel, set up in a certain way!

A Customer Acquisition Funnel...

... And this is how it works!

A customer acquisition funnel uses clever sales tactics combined with email marketing to acquire new leads for your business and convert them in to buyers automatically without you having to do any hard selling.

Imagine being able to grow your business for free – or better yet, at a profit...

... What would that do for your finances?

Now if you’re looking at this and thinking “this isn’t new” or “I’ve seen this before” then answer this?

Why are you not making money using it?

Is it because you couldn't get all the pieces of the puzzle to fit together?

Maybe you did everything but it still doesn't work?

Well allow me to let you in on a little secret...

... It's because this “method” is HALF COMPLETE!

There's still hours of testing, tweaking and optimising to do, not to mention all the time and money needed to find the perfect combination of offers to fulfill the promises of your funnel.

You can NOT just send people to a website and hope to make sales!

That’s about as effective as standing in a football stadium trying to sell golf clubs to the ref – It’s a waste of time!

If your website visitors don’t have any interest in what you’re selling, they won’t buy and will probably forget about you pretty quick!

You have to research and target a specific audience that are looking to buy online products in your marketplace.

And here’s how…

With 4 Steps ANYBODY Can Do!

Today I want to set you apart from everyone out there by showing you how to create a customer acquisition funnel that will pay you over and over again. With 4 simple steps you can begin to profit from ANY market you have your eye on without the need for any of your own products!

This is the exact formula I use to generate leads and customers in my own business and after you’ve built the funnel, in a few clicks you can make it run on complete autopilot.

REMEMBER: “Time Is Money”...

... We’ve all heard the saying.

We cannot waste our time doing things that aren't necessary.

I have built this blueprint so you can create the perfect customer acquisition funnel…

... And I don’t recommend you waste any more of your time, money or energy doing work that will only lead to more failure, stress and self doubt.

At least not until you’ve seen my 4 steps!

See these steps are so quick and so powerful that you’ll be wondering why you didn’t use this method from the start!

The whole funnel can be up and running in about 30 minutes and once set up, requires minimum maintenance. Simply keep track of your data and optimise...

...And yes, I'm going to show you the best ways of doing that too.

Take A Look At What This Baby Can Do...

I went from making a couple of sales a week to 25-30 sales a day after implementing this in LaVie...

...My lists exploded when all my leads (new and old) suddenly became buyers simply by implementing the strategy in this blueprint.

Would 25-30 sales a day (usually of a $5-10 training course) help your business?

If so this is the method for you!

WARNING! After you've built one funnel it can become addictive!

You don’t need a website to build any digital products, and each step of the funnel can be outsourced if you just wanted to get this over and done with.

Whether you're a student fresh out of college or a retired professional looking to make some extra cash in your spare time…

... This system has been tried and tested by hundreds of my customers, clients and subscribers and has consistently helped to produce life changing results during times of financial worry.

It's worked for myself (and LaVie) time and time again and more importantly, it's worked for my clients when they've needed to get results!

This system is simple to understand, easy to implement and can work for you too if you're willing to follow a few steps and copy what you see.

Either set it up once and check back from time to time (to cash in), or scale your traffic... Re-invest in your funnel and increase the amount of money you're currently making!

The choice is yours...

... No complicated formulas, no techie software and no experience is needed.

Just follow the 4 simple steps laid out in this blueprint and start replicating my "system" today!

Now at this point, it’s easy to start thinking this is too good to be true…

So check out what some of the top marketers in our industry are saying about "The Shortcut".

Anwesh Rath

The Shortcut is very clever. Inside Rav has combined online sales tricks with old school marketing methods to create what seems to be a simple yet genius way for beginners to start making sales quick and easily.

For the seasoned marketer step. 2 alone will skyrocket your current conversions while step. 4 will 3X your profit margin!

I’ve recommended this to ALL my subscribers and clients and hope YOU reading this now decided to invest in The Shortcut.

Anwesh Rath
Josh Russell

I struggled offline to generate enough sales to stay afloat, but after Rav showed me The Shortcut, I not only managed to take my business online – but by adding step. 2 to my company I started making more sales than I could manage!

If this can work for my little online furniture shop (which isn’t so little anymore), it can work for you!

Josh Russell Russell Oak & Steel

Helping people to start businesses has become my main career path, and I can’t think of a better way of expanding my reach then by giving you a system that can change your life… And then showing you EXACTLY how to use it!

BUT, and there is a but..

... Before using this, I want you to make me a promise.

A promise to really give this a chance and carry out EXACTLY what I tell you instead of letting it collect cyber dust on your computer!

Let’s get something straight...

This Is NOT Your Typical “How To Make Money Online” Crap...

... Far from it!

Many of my clients have paid more than $1000 to learn the secrets I’m going to be sharing with you today.

In fact, I’ve spent over 5X that myself testing and tweaking this system to make it as quick and easy to build as possible without taking away any punch!

So here’s the real question…

... Why am I giving this away for a dollar?

Well I may be crazy but i’m not stupid!

It may come as a surprise, but I do have a sneaky reason for making you this offer…

... As you’ve probably already guessed, I’m not going to get rich giving away the most valuable asset I have for just $1!

However, my sincere hope is that you’ll LOVE what you learn so much, that you become my newest student.

If you do, GREAT!

If not, that’s ok too. We’l part our ways and you won’t ever hear from me again!

But, if you do love it (and I really think you will), you’ll get access to all the future training I have in store for you which will help you set up and run this funnel at a profit as fast as possible!

In fact, I’ll make you a deal…

If you aren’t able to make enough money to cover your investment into this system 5X over within your first month…

... I’ll insist you bow out and look for help somewhere else.

Seriously, that’s how confident I am in what you’re about to learn!

So what you waiting for?

Click the "Buy Now" button below and let's get started…

Good Luck!

I'll see you on the inside.


Founder & CEO, LaVieMarketing


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